Thursday, November 30, 2006

birthday countdown

* * * 26 * * *

i don't remember much what happened this day.

i woke up late. i didn't do the laundry because my younger brother had washed both our clothes the night before.

i remember playing the pc as soon as i had breakfast (breakfast food eaten during lunch). i was too tired to even watch dvd.

oh, yeah. i got a call from cinema one as i was getting ready to go to bed around 1am. they wanted me to change some things in the music video / obb that they be showing at the beginning of the award ceremonies. i worked on it for some days. and now i have to change it.

(sometimes it can be very disappointing to work hard on something, feel relieved when you're done, only to be told later on that you will have to change it :0(

anyways, i finished the revision they wanted. and went to the place where the awarding would be held. it was at the teatrino in greenhills.

while waiting for my friend, i went to a mcdonalds and had super late lunch. (maybe if i didn't have to take medicine every so often, i wouldn't even remember eating.)

the program was very short. we were invited to the post-awards party at bizu. but there were a lot of people. we decided to go somewhere else.

oh, yeah! now i remember--we went to cafe ysabel in san juan. now that was really fantastic. it's a great resto, great place and great food. and great compensation for all the hardships, heartbreaks and disappointments that happened days before.

we went home around midnight.

as usual, i played diablo2 before i hit the sack.

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