Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Love U, Torrent: Summer Lovers Preview

I finished downloading Summer Lovers this morning. I don't want to watch it just yet. I want the moment to be perfect. I mean, I waited for this film for about twenty years, now's not the time to be reckless and impatient.

So I just previewed it a bit. I'd say it isn't very difficult to scan the parts where there are naked bodies. It seems they hardly wore anything in the whole film. Now I understand why I didn't see it when I was young.

Oh no, wait, if there was nudity in this film then why DIDN'T I see it when I was young?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Love U, Torrent

I love Torrent. It makes rare films and music readily available.

I don't feel guilty downloading them because I only download those that:
1. I already own in other formats. Like, if I have the tape already, I feel it's okay to download the mp3.
2. are hard to find. I've been looking for Neil Jordan's The Butcher Boy since it was released in 1997, but I can't find it. So I had to resort to downloading it.
3. I had the cd / dvd of, but lost it.

So with those in mind, I downloaded:
1. Pretty in Pink - I was too young when it was released. And none of my older sisters wanted to being me along.
2. Sixteen Candles - Another John Hughes - Molly Ringwald teamup. A landmark in the teenybopper genre.
3. The Black Album - fan-compiled collection of Sinead O'Connor's little-known recordings.
4. Just Because I'm a Woman - tribute album for Dolly Parton. Select Dolly Parton originals sung by younger artists including Norah Jones, Alison Krauss and Sinead O'Connor.
5. Sunset Boulevard - the BW original. Who can ever forget, "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my closeup"?
6. Carne Tremula - damn! It must be karma. I downloaded the version with no English subtitle. Bueno, comprendo Espanol.
7. Flight of the Navigator - I watched it over and over on TV when I was small. Now I can't wait to watch it again for the first time in, well, almost twenty years. I hope the magic is still there.
8. The Butcher Boy - directed by Neil Jordan, with Stephen Rea as the lead. Here, Sinead O'Connor plays the foul-mouthed Virgin Mary. I think it was banned when word got around that it was violent, and it attacked the Catholic Church.

And I'm presently downloading:
1. Summer Lovers - with Daryl Hannah. I don't know why I feel the need to watch it. I was very young when I saw the trailer on TV. I don't remember much of it anymore, but twenty or so years later, it still haunts me. Weird.
2. Fast Times at Ridgemont High - It stars Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Phoebe Cates. This is the film where Phoebe Cates took her top off--nerd boys's ultimate fantasy.
3. Clan of the Cave Bear - a movie based on a Jean M. Auel novel. The film stars Daryl Hannah. I saw it in one of those rundown movie houses in Quiapo. And I thought it was good. I want to see it again.

I wish Mga Mata ni Angelita and Rocco - Ang Batang Bato were also available for download.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holy Week 2008

I spent Maundy Thursday and Good Friday with Chitchat, Caloy, Jerrie and Mykel at Hotel Fernandina in Quezon City.

It was fun. There were five of us, and we brought four laptops. And each had its own game. Palit-palitan kami sa paglalaro--parang nasa arcade. Basically, our sked was: eat, play pc/mac games, eat, surf the net, eat, swim, eat, drink wine/beer, eat, sleep, and eat some more.

And, yup, we also went to a nearby church on Friday afternoon for the Stations of the Cross.

Last year, we (Chitchat, Larry, Jackie, Art, Jerrie, Mykel and I) were in Pagudpod from Holy Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

Jerrie nanlalambot na dahil hindi makakain ng karne.

Jerrie... Ang Munting Prinsesa

Jerrie, Mykel, and I

Prof. Caloy

Caloy and Chitchat (Hanep mag-project. Parang hindi gutom dahil sa tagal dumating ng order.)

Kinokoronahan ni Mykel si Jerrie ng paper bra. Feel naman ni Jerrie... Ang Munting Prinsesa.

Sepia. Feeling bawal ngumiti.

Komiks--Hiwaga. Superstar. Wakasan. Funny.

We shot Andy Warhol. Biyernes Santo pero kung maka-emote, 'kala mo wala nang next week.

Wala lang. Distorted lang. Ganu'n.

Jerrie. Feeling Amanda Page (sige na nga, Iya Villania para sa bagong henerasyon)--tatlong kilometro ang layo ng mga mata sa isa't isa.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Para Kang Tinga

Para kang tinga na sumisingit-singit sa kasingit-singitan ng alaala. Kahit anong pagsesepilyo ang gawin ko sa utak ko, ang hirap mong tanggalin. Hindi ka madaan sa mahinahong pagtulak ng dila pero ayaw ka ring padala sa paspasang pagfo-floss nang tuluyan ka nang mawala sa isip ko. Kahit anong mumog ng bagong karanasan ang gawin, nariyan ka pa rin.

Hindi naman makakasama kung nariyan ka ng ilang araw o buwan lang. Pero kung aabutin ng taon at milenyo, makakaukit ka ng cavity sa ulo ko. Ayaw ko nu'n. Pangit tingnan. Masama sa panlasa. Bad breath sa personalidad. Pati pamilya, matagal nang mga kaibigan at mga bagong kakilala, mate-turn off.

Hindi ko alam kung ano ang nakain ko. At hindi ko alam kung bakit--tinamaan ng lintek--ay pilit kang nagsusumiksik sa hindi mo dapat siksikan. Matagal ka nang dapat pumasok sa lalamunan ko. Matagal ka nang dapat tinunaw ng bituka ko. Matagal ka nang dapat lumabas sa puwet ko. At matagal ka nang dapat bumalik sa pinanggalingan mo bago pa nag-krus ang mga landas natin.

Hindi sa ayaw kita riyan sa buhay ko. Pero baka bumaba ka at makarating sa puso ko. Baka 'yun ang sirain mo. Hindi ko alam kung may root canal o pustiso para ru'n.

Natatakot ako.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I Asked A Question About You, And This Was What I Got

Now I think that maybe I should've just kept my mouth shut, and my fingers still.

Three of Swords
in the Past position.

A card in the left position indicates what has happened to affect your question in the past.

Heartache. Hurt. Harsh resolution. Distress. Having been abandoned. Severance. Feeling crippled by the weight of past hurts. The pain of being misunderstood or unfairly judged. Rejection. Estrangement. Fear and isolation. Separation. The pain of a triangle dynamic in relationship or interests. The need for mental control over emotions. Frail health.

The Hermit
in the Present position.

A card in the middle position indicates what is affecting your question at this time.

Silence. Retreat. Withdrawing from the outside world. Protection and concealment. Calm soul-searching. Seeking wisdom and understanding of the larger patterns in life. Guidance or advice from an elder. Pilgrimage. Searching, wandering. A philosopher. Psychic abilities enhanced by peace and freedom of thought. Foresight. Prudence. Knowledge. A study and respect of nature and the limits it places upon us, such as the effects of seasons, time, etc. Reflection. Giving thought to one¹s self or condition. Leaving the material riches in search of the spiritual. Celibacy. Healing. Resolving serious problems. Recuperating. Valuing time alone. Taking time to lick one¹s wounds. Peace. The solitary nature of the Hermit card can be a positive or negative condition in one¹s life‹on the positive side, solitary time can bring peace and clarity, a balancing, a sense of well-being, or transformation. On the other hand, it can be negative in isolating a person, creating misanthropy, and bringing on fear, fatigue, and depression and distancing one from real aspirations, dreams, opportunities, and good company. Check surrounding cards for an indication as to positive or negative influence.

Eight of Wands
in the Future position.

A card in the right position indicates your questions future.

Opportunity. Swift response. Thinking on one¹s feet. Opening. Adventure. Chance to make great progress if one has the courage and wits to act quickly. Travel entailing a spiritual lesson. Can signify falling in love. Time of hope. Make your move. Opportunity afoot; make haste. Whirlwind of romance. Arrows of love.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sixty-six Words Per Minute

It says in this test that I can type 66 correct words per minute.

66 words


Then why the heck have I not written 10 thousand novels and screenplays, etc?

Maybe it's because *typing* is different from *creating*. Whatever.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

My Fake American Accent

Click the photo or this link for the rest of the album.

Ned's and Onnah's *My Fake American Accent* started shooting this week. It's Dirty Kitchen Productions's entry to this year's Cinemalaya. They wrote it together. Now, Ned is the director and Onnah is the producer.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

gusto ko ng usd130 million at sarbey-sarbeyhan

1. Is someone in love with you?
>>> don't know. sana. sana. hehehe. sana.

2. Do you know anyone named Dan?
>>> yup

3. What color is your couch?
>>> dark brown.

4. Has anyone ever mistaken you for a family member?
>>> oo. 'yung isang makulit na kapitbahay namin na mahilig manghingi ng palima-limampiso. akala ata eh ako ang tatay n'ya.

5. What do you currently want?
>>> USD130 million. tsaka coke 1.5. tsaka 'yung yema sa canteen ng up cmc.

6. Favorite ice cream
>>> kahit ano basta may tsokolate.

9. Does someone like you right now?
>>> ewan. siguro.

10. Say you were given a drug test right now. Would you pass or fail?
>>> 'di naman ako nag-aadik. may ubo lang talaga ako lagi kaya maraming empty bottles ng corex sa kwarto ko. [eighties itu.]

11. Favorite pop-tart flavor?
>>> kahit ano.

12. Do you know anyone in jail/prison?
>>> wala.

13. What are your plans for the weekend?
>>> magsulat nu'ng mga overdue na kailangang isulat. at sumagot ng mga walang kwentang sarbey. [yup, pinaplano talaga ang mga ganitong bagay.]

14. Do you like the color green?
>>> yup. ito ata ang unang naging favorite color ko na isinulat ko sa slumbook.

15. What is your dad's best friend's name?
>>> don't know. he had lots of friends kasi. if ever, baka nasa kabilang-buhay na rin 'yun.

16. Favorite book right now?
>>> a couple of books na nabasa ko recently na pwedeng ulitin would be god of small things tsaka the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.

17. Who was the last person to send you a text message?
>>> this anonymous person who has been texting me for the last few days, but i think she must've gotten the number wrong.

18. Ever driven into the ghetto to buy drugs?
>>> di nga ako adik eh. yung binibilihan ko ng vitamins, legal na drugstore 'yun. low-profile lang talaga kaya walang sign at may secret password bago ka pagbuksan ng pinto.

19. Last restaurant you went to?
>>> was in cafea and myspoon on friday night with former officemates.

20. Favorite kind of candy?
>>> tira-tira, bazooka joe, texas, lipps, viva, tsaka yung parang vetsin na kailangan munang tunawin sa kutsarang nakatapat sa kandila o lighter.

21. Last voice mail you received?
>>> walang ganu'n-gano'n dito sa pilipinas. howler lang meron.

22. What did you do last weekend?
>>> was home in pulilan. sumusubok magsulat pero inuubo ako kaya uminom na lang ako ng corex na 120ml.

23. What's the first thing you would do with five million dollars?
>>> invest it... ha! rakenrol! seriously, bibili ako ng blimp tsaka sumpit. tapos lilipad ako sa taas ng ******* tapos susumpitin ko sa pwet 'yung mga hinayup*k na assh*les tsaka ako tatawa nang malakas. o kaya magpapagawa ako ng building sa tabi

ng *** pero mas mataas siyempre tapos magsasabit ako ng mga 100 meter high na tarp na may mga libelous statements tungkol sa mga bwiset sa *******. tapos pag nagalit, eh di babayaran ulit.

24. How many hours did you sleep for last night?
>>> about 3.

25. Milkshakes...or Blizzards?
>>> hmmm... ewan. hirap naman.

26. Who's the last person that you felt was stalking you?
>>> alam mo na kung sino ka. please lang, gusto ko na ng peace and quiet and serenity for the things i cannot change. kidding.

27. Have you ever been on your school's track team?
>>> nope. lagi akong absent eh. nagulat nga ako, graduation na. hay, time flies talaga when you're having fun... sa bidyohan.

28. What jewelry are you wearing?
>>> may 2-inch thick na gold bracelet ako sa kanang braso, at gold chain [as in kadena] sa kaliwa. tig-isang singsing [ginto pa rin] ang bawat isang daliri [yup, including 'yung thumbs, at may bato pa 'yung sa ring fingers], tatlong makakapal na kwintas na may malalaking pendant ng dragon. meron din sa **** tsaka sa dalawang *****.

29. What's your middle name?
>>> cutesy [read: anakkangkap*tap*tahanginamonghayupkangwalakangkwentangbwisetkaletsehindikomalamankungbakitkaipinanganaksamundoehwalakanamangsilbi]

30. If all of your friends were going on a road trip, would you?
>>> yup. hapi yun. pero sana next time, wala na kaming kailangang i-dispose na body.

31. Favorite drink?
>>> beer. coke. cold water. dugo ng birhen.

32. Do you swear at your parents?
>>> bawal. kahit ngayon. namaga at dumugo ang nguso ko nu'ng ginawa ko 'yun nu'ng maliit pa 'ko. tipong pam-bantay bata ang mga sumunod na pangyayari. well, it worked. never ko nang inulit.

33. Is your phone right beside you?
>>> no. actually hindi ko alam kung nasaan na 'yun.

34. Last person you couldn't take your eyes off?
>>> si ano. nagtataka kasi ako kung paano siya nakakakilos at nakakasalita eh mukha namang wala siyang brain activity. pang-twilight zone itong taong itu.

35. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
>>> ewan. siguro. kasi kanina pa 'ko nakakarinig ng mga boses eh kahit mag-isa lang ako sa kwarto.

36. Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off?
>>> yup.

37. What is the color of your bedsheet?
>>> white, for purity.

38. Have you ever crawled through a window?
>>> yup, pati 'yung bintana ng kapitbahay. ilang ulit.

39. Are you photogenic?
>>> hindi eh. mas cute pa rin ako sa personal. joke.

40. Are you single?
>>> yup. and loving every second of it.

41. Where do you spend most of your money?
>>> sa cough syrup. lagi akong may ubo eh.

42. What was the last thing you did?
>>> tried to remember where the heck i left my phone.

43. Do you have a tattoo?
>>> wala pa. pero magkakaroon within the year.

44. Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?
>>> i don't watch tv. bawal sa relihiyon ko.

45. Is there a secret you haven't told any of your friends?
>>> oo naman. madami. secretive ako. mysterious. ganu'n.

46. What time is it?
>>> 10 in the morning.

47. Have you ever changed your clothes while in a vehicle?
>>> oo. shirt, pants, briefs, socks, pasador. lahat. at nakabukas ang bintana nu'n, habang stuck sa traffic sa may kanto ng edsa at timog.

48. What are you doing in 2008?
>>> magpakasaya. i-enjoy ang life. magturo. mag-aral. magsulat. magbasa. magpa-tummy tuck.

49. What is your ringtone?
>>> 'yung built-in ringtone lang nu'ng phone. may magwi-whistle tapos sisigaw ng *teksi!* [oo, *teksi* talaga ang sabi.]

50. What were you doing at 2am last night?
>>> added about seven words to the short story i've been trying to finish since last week, downloading neil jordan's butcher boy on torrent, checking emails, and stalking people on the net.