Tuesday, November 28, 2006

birthday countdown

* * * 27 * * *

november 25, it was a saturday. it had been the third night in a row that i stayed overnight at work. still editing stuff.

aside from the usual plugs, i was also producing / editing the music video that would be shown at the start of the cinema one originals 2006 awarding ceremonies on sunday, november 26, at the teatrino in greenhills. it was almost 5 minutes long. i loved doing it. i just wish i had more time.

i was almost finished around 5am. but i was soooo sleepy. i decided to just leave it and sleep for a couple of hours.

it was already 7:30am when i woke up. i thought i could finish it in less than an hour. but when i went back to the editing bay, the g5 i had been using conked out.

some luck.

(i think this thread is very pathetic. all i rant about is work. blah blah blah. i don't think this is still healthy. work is taking too much of my time. i love my work, yes, but i don't think it should be central in my life. oh, well. hopefully, this is just a phase. although, it's good to be focused. but, offhand, i think i like it better when i'm interested in a lot of different things all at the same time.)

i just turned off the editing machine. and went home. i was thinking of letting it rest for a while, and have some, too, myself.

i was planning of going back to the office by lunchtime, finish that music video, then meet my office friends and go to quiapo at 2:30pm.

i overslept. i got to the office at 3pm. everybody was already waiting for me. and they waited for me even longer until i finished the music video. left for quiapo around 4pm.

now, quiapo was a different story altogether. i bought several dvd's from my suki, all hollywood and mostly current titles. went to a different stall, a newer one. bought some animations.

(i love animations. i don't necessarily watch them right away--although i'm sure i'd watch them. i just love the thought of having them within reach. i love their being young, happy and innocent. it's like nothing goes wrong. or if anything does, they can be resolved right away. being good pays, evil gets punished, and everyone is happy in the end.)

and here's the best part: as i was exiting to meet my friends outside, i passed by another stall. they had these imported dvd's--those in hard cardboards, instead of plastic boxes. they were usually more expensive. but i got them for the same price!

and they were classics.

some of the titles i got: cleopatra (2 dvd's), shining through, the abyss, thelma & louise, pretty baby, the graduate, etc.

by this time, i was already feeling sooooo rewarded.

had dinner at a nearby chowking outlet. (it smelled really bad inside. they cleaned the floor using really dirty and smelly mops. but i was too sleepy, tired, hungry--and too ecstatic--to care.

we all went back to quezon city afterwards for a couple of drinks.

(those who know i shouldn't be drinking alcohol--and care enough--rest assured that i only had 3 glasses of buko shake. honestly, since i stopped drinking about 5 or 6 months ago, i must've already tried all kinds of fruit shakes.)

got home after midnight satisfied with what i accomplished that week, excited about sleeping on my bed again after a long time, and sporting (excuse my analogy) a huge hardon just thinking about putting my new dvd's into my player.

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