Wednesday, November 22, 2006

birthday countdown

* * * 30 * * *

in thirty days, i will be another year older.

last night, i thought of doing a countdown of sort. just write down a few thoughts each day that my birthday creeps near.

it was so much of a struggle between blogging and writing in my journal. i still prefer writing longhand--it's private, and intimate. it feels like i could write anything in my journal. and i wouldn't have to worry if my musings seem inane. or insane.

and i knew that i could always get and open and write in my journal. while i'm having coffee in the morning. or anytime during the day. in between copies and editings. before and after meetings and brainstorming sessions. while waiting.

however, right now, somehow, pc is more accessible.

i've been thinking about making a wishlist for my birthday and christmas this year. since i was small, it's very seldom that i get to receive separate gifts for my birthday and christmas.

i wish i could get separate gifts this year.

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