Friday, November 24, 2006

birthday countdown

* * * 29 * * *

this should've been posted yesterday. it's now the 28th. whatever.

got home around 7:30am. i was thinking i would just take a shower, have breakfast and take my medicine. and be back in the office before 9am for my editing.

however, i felt that my back was hurting a bit so i decided to sit for a while on the sofabed. and the next thing i knew--it was already 9:30am. all i said was "ohmigod!" and suddenly it was 1:30pm. and by then all i could say and think really was "ohmigod..."

i got to work around 3pm. and in the evening, i learned that as i was home, sitting on the sofabed, and probably holding a piece of bread, lots of things were happening:

1. one of the graphics artists in the office resigned;
2. a writer-friend launched the book he edited with his colleagues, it's about political killings (according to him, there have already been about 800 cases of political killings since gloria macapagal-aroyo became president. a lot more than the 15 years that cory aquino, fidel ramos and erap estrada in office.); and,
3. up-diliman people walked out of their classes in protest against the tuition fee hike--from p350/unit to p1,000/unit.

i'm looking forward to saturday and sunday.

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