Tuesday, November 28, 2006

birthday countdown

* * * 28 * * *

i don't want to whine. but it's already tuesday. actually, it's almost wednesday. i'm doing a countdown on MY birthday and i can't even be consistent.

twenty eight was a friday. i did not go home the night before. hardly had any sleep since thursday. had dinner with some office friends. when the others left, i talked to another friend till about 2 or 3 in the morning. some personal stuff.

afterwards, i had another talk with another friend. some career matters. he wanted to resign.

i thought it was a bit sad. he's been in his job for several years already. and now he wants to leave. i think he will find another job in no time. maybe it would even be a better one. just the same, i know that it's always sad and heartbreaking to leave work, residence, people and friends. like an old bed, your body and soul are somehow etched in it already.

if the person i'm referring to is reading this, hey, i'm not spilling anything. i just can't help but opine a bit.

i remember i was very tired when friday night came.

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