Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm Easy--The Maiden Roll

I finally gave in and bought my first digital instamatic camera a couple of days ago. Why not a dslr? Well, aside from not having enough money for it, I'd always wanted something portable and simple. Something I could carry all the time without having to punish my spinal column. I also wanted a camera with short startup time so I could point-and-shoot anyone and anything without much delay. Besides I still have my Canon EOS300 slr. I think it'll be like cheating on a wonderful partner if I put my hands on its digital cousin.

Anyway, I got a Kodak EasyShare. I can't remember the model, though. It's got 5mp of resolution. What I was thinking of getting was either the model with 7mp or a Canon PowerShot, but Job told me no one really needed that much pixels unless they were printing a huge tarp. That was a little comforting considering the EasyShare model with 7mp is about P2,000 more expensive, and Canon PowerShot was twice the price.
It's blurred and the composition's bad. But I'm keeping it just the same because this is officially the first pic I took with my new cam.

Libay frames herself.

Beng, Avie, Libay and I after dinner at Greens-Morato.

Libay. Again.

Bonsai at Greens.

More bonsais at Greens.

Later that night, I met Chitchat, Mykel and Jerrie at Cafea-Esguerra.

Pensive Chitchat.

Jerrie Momo.


Laundry area of the building where I live. I took this the next day, after hanging my laundry.

Same place, same day, different angle.

The stairs. Ta-daaan!

The stairs II. Ta-da-daaan!

Empty laundry basket. Ta-da-da-daaan!

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