Monday, January 22, 2007

the much awaited and long anticipated transfer


today (technically it was yesterday because it's already sunday. anyways...) i moved in to my condo.


all the while, i was thinking that i wouldn't be transporting too much stuff. but as i was packing, it just felt that it was not going to end.

as usual, i underestimated everything. i only had about half an hour to pack before the movers came.

and the number of boxes that we bought. most of my clothes ended up in black garbage bags. and i don't know how they would all fit inside my new place.

there are just a few more glitches to attend to. but i'm excited. and things are looking really great.


  1. hi brother!

    congrats on moving in to your very own home. wow! when kami bibisita ni dean dyan? hehe.

  2. ey divs,

    thanks :0)

    siyempre magluluto, kakain at iinom tayo (ng sago't gulaman) dun one of these days. give me a few weeks lang para maligpit ko yung mga kalat kasi wala taong matatapakan :0)