Saturday, July 15, 2006

planet mars sighting

i don't really know if this is true. but i'll be looking up in the sky come august.

lots of things like this have been happening in the last few years. like in december 22, 2000, the full moon on that day was supposed to have been the biggest in the last 2 millenia--if i'm not mistaken. or that in the last several years, all the planets in our solar system alligned, etc.

anyways, this is what i found in my emailbox.

planet mars will be brightest in the night sky starting august. it will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. this will culminate on august 27 when planet mars comes within 34.65M miles off the earth.

be sure to watch the sky on august 27, 12:30 AM. it will look like earth has two moons.

the next time the planet mars will come this close is on the year 2287. share this info as NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see this phenomenon again.

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